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July 24 - 31, 2025 Paint The Colors Of Provence With Kim Johnson-Nechtman

Indulge all of your senses as you paint Provence and discover the South of France with artist Kim Johnson-Nechtman as we cruise from Lyon to Avignon and everywhere in between.

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destination watercolor workshops

Do you find yourself longing for meaningful connections, artistic growth, and the freedom to explore new horizons with watercolor?

You crave a break from the routine, a chance to disconnect, and immerse yourself in a world where creativity knows no bounds. Join us as we roam the romantic cities and artistic epicenters of France, all while learning to paint watercolor with like-minded artists from around the world.

You’ll find yourself rejuvenated by the beauty of the world around you, while developing lasting friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime in our destination watercolor workshops along the world’s most beautiful waterways.

are you ready to set sail and paint the world with us?

meet the artist

Meet Kim Johnson-Nechtman

signature member of AWS, NWS, SDWS, TWSA, WW, WFWS and  AWA

Kim discovered her love for the creative process at a young age. On the advice of family and friends concerned that she have a ‘real career’, Kim completed her degree in psychology before pursuing her real passion – watercolor.

Now fully devoted to her artistic endeavors, Kim’s masterful use of glazes and washes, wet and dry technique, and positive and negative space breathes life into pieces focused on the human and animal experiences. Her award-winning work is enjoyed by both corporate offices and private collectors.

Kim is a signature member of AWSNWSSDWSTWSAWWWFWS and AWA.  She has expanded her work to include instructional and demonstration sessions.

meet the artist

meet kim

Kim Johnson-Nechtman, YOUR ART INSTRUCTOR

watercolor workshop ITINERARY


Arles, France

Arrive and settle into your stateroom on embarkation day. Enjoy a welcome dinner with the group and artist meet-and-greet. This is where you will receive an itinerary for the trip, meet other artists and the instructor, and get excited for this incredible painting journey you’re about to embark on.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, Arles enchants all with its tantalizing history, formerly a Roman center of trade. Enjoy a bike ride along the Rhône, through town to the Langlois Bridge, a famous subject from several Vincent Van Gogh paintings. And for those who wish to delve further into Van Gogh’s Arles, join a special walking tour along with a visit to the Vincent van Gogh Foundation, showcasing his legacy.

During the afternoon, venture to Les Baux de Provence, a hilltop village and ruined castle. Enjoy time in the “old village,” its shops, art galleries, and cafes interspersed among the historic ruins. You will also have a unique experience at the Carrières de Lumières, where you will be treated to a spectacular presentation of art, sound, and history projected on the walls of a former limestone quarry set to music.

Next, visit an olive farm to learn about this age-old Provençal tradition and enjoy a tasting. Finally, experience the beauty of Saint Rémy de Provence, the location where Van Gogh painted some of his most famous paintings, including Starry Night.

day three

Avignon, France

Explore Avignon, aptly named the “City of Popes,” as the center of the Catholic Church in the 14th century when its “Palais des Papes” was the equivalent of today’s Vatican.

Discover the history of Avignon on a guided walking tour that includes the Papal Palace and the well-preserved medieval walls surrounding the historic center of town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During the afternoon, you can go to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the impressive Pont du Gard, a Roman aqueduct that is a masterpiece of ancient engineering.

Day four

Viviers, France

Take in the quaint surroundings of Viviers, a charming commune that sidles up to the right bank of the Rhone. From Viviers, travel to the magnificent hilltop village, Grignan, and go in search of the highly prized “Black Diamond” truffles with a farmer and his trustworthy canine companion. You can also explore Viviers on a guided walking tour, where you’ll see iconic sights such as Saint-Vincent Cathedral. Or stretch your muscles on a hike to Viviers’ St. Vincent Cathedral, taking in beautiful views of the Châteauneuf du Pape dam, the Donzère Gorge and the town of Montelimar with its magnificent château. 

day five

Tournon, France

Take a steam train ride past magnificent landscape carved along the Gorge du Doux, stopping at the charming little station of Colombier le Vieux-Saint Barthélemy le Plain, where the train maneuvers in preparation for its return journey.
For a more active adventure, take a hike through the vineyards of Tain l’Hermitage, followed by a visit to a local winery where you’ll sample some of the wines.

DAY six

Vienne, France

Situated between the wine regions of Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône lies Vienne with a Roman past that can be seen in its marvelously preserved ruins. Follow the footsteps of the ancient Romans on a walking tour to see the amazingly well-preserved Augustus and Livia Temple, the Saint Maurice Cathedral, a Gothic church that took more than 500 years to build, and St. Pierre Abbey—one of the oldest surviving churches in France, and now an Archaeological Museum.

Day seven & EIGHT

Lyon, France

Take a walking tour that starts in Fourvière Hill, part of the city’s historic region that is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the 19th-century basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Continue on to the old town of Lyon, followed by a guided walk through the St. Jean district, where you will be introduced to the city’s unique covered walkways, known as “traboules.” You can also visit the famous indoor market hall Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse, named after the late chef renowned for his Michelin-starred l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant.

There you’ll have a chance to sample of the delicacies offered by butchers, bakers, chocolatiers and cheesemongers while taking in the colorful sights and enticing aromas around you.

Later in the day, visit a traditional Beaujolais winery and learn the history and techniques of their vineyard. Plus, enjoy a tasting of their specialty

Lyon is where we bid farewell to each other and head home or on an optional post-cruise experience in Paris.

map & Full Itinerary

Download the Itinerary Details

more than a watercolor workshop what's included

Small Group Painting Experience

  • Daily painting and lessons
  • One-on-one instruction with world renown artist
  • Welcome dinner and drinks with other students and meet-and-greet with the artist
  • Personalized service from on-site travel coordinator
  • Small private group setting experience
  • Free time for painting or sketching in all port cities or leisure time of choice

Spacious Accommodation

  • 7 nights luxury accommodation in an outside stateroom (most with twin balconies)
  • Entertainment-On-Demand

A Variety of Amenities

  • Wellness Activities with a dedicated Wellness Host
  • Personalized service from a highly trained Cruise Manager during both cruise and land programs
  • Sun deck pool with swim-up bar and walking track
  • Fitness room
  • Daily entertainment including cultural performances

Award-Wining Dining

  • All onboard dining in a variety of venues
  • Regionally inspired cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients
  • The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant
  • Welcome Cocktail, Welcome Dinner, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Dinner, Captain’s Cocktail and Gala Dinner
  • La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs exclusive dining experience
  • Unlimited fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner
  • Unlimited sparkling wine and fresh juice with breakfast
  • Sip & Sail Cocktail Hour with complimentary wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Tapas, sandwiches, snacks and refreshments served daily in the Main Lounge

A World of Exploration

  • Immersive tours in every destination
  • Gentle, regular, active and late-riser tour options
  • Bike tours and hikes
  • Special Interest Tours
  • Knowledgeable guides
  • Personal headset for easy exploration
  • Airport transfers with purchase of air from AmaWaterways

*The workshop fee does not include airfare, passport or visa fees, insurance and other exclusions as outlined in the deposit form

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To secure your spot, we collect a $400 deposit per person. Once the deposit is paid, $200 is immediately non-refundable. After final payment and 120-days before the trip start date, the $400 deposit is fully non-refundable.



Get access to a private Facebook community where you can discuss, ask questions, get website feedback, and collaborate with others.



Participate in Q&A sessions where we share travel tips, materials list, and answer your questions to help you make the most of this watercolor workshop.



Embark on the trip of a lifetime and paint alongside likeminded watercolor artists and learn from a renown watercolor instructor.

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Virtuoso agencies recieve $250 discount (included in price)

Welcome Gifts

All painters will receive complimentary welcome gifts


available per person to be redeemed on-board

imagine this Let Us Paint A Picture FOr You

Imagine embarking on a river cruise along the Rhône River, surrounded by intriguing art museums and historic charm. Go back in time as we trace the steps of famous artists including Van Gogh and Picasso.

As you sail, you find yourself immersed in a world where every stroke of your paint brush brings your artistic vision to life, guided by a watercolor instructor who nurture your talent and inspire your creativity.

Amidst the company of fellow artists who share your passion for watercolor and adventure, you develop meaningful connections and create memories that will last a lifetime.


let’s redefine traditional watercolor workshops…

We’ve revolutionized traditional watercolor workshops by offering a dynamic blend of artistic instruction, cultural immersion, and community engagement aboard luxurious river cruises.

By reimagining the workshop experience within the context of travel, we provide participants with a truly transformative journey that transcends traditional boundaries and inspires creativity, connection, and lifelong learning.

Let us be your creative escape where artistic discovery and meaningful connections collide – a place where you can embrace your passion for watercolor and travel.


Paint By Destination hosts watercolor workshops in such unique destinations with incredibly talented artists.

Let us welcome professional watercolor artist, Kim Johnson-Nechtman, as your personal instructor and teacher on our July 2025 Colors of Provence Watercolor Workshop with AmaWaterways.

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15+ hours of small group watercolor instruction (value: $500)
7-nights in luxury accommodation (value: $3,500)
All-inclusive food and beverage (value: $1,000)
Shore excursions (value: $1,500)
Dedicated on-site travel concierge 24/7 (value: $750)

BONUS: Exclusive group discount and amenities (value: $500)

yes, that’s a $7,750+ value

Is that what we’re charging you? No. 

When you book with us, you receive a discount of $250 as well as $75 onboard credit per person. This watercolor workshop on a luxury river cruise is the experience of a lifetime you won’t want to miss out on.

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New friendships and painting techniques

Return home with beautiful paintings, incredible memories and newfound friendships. Paint By Destination’s watercolor workshops will exceed your expectations and prove to be an investment in both your artistic growth and overall well-being.

Incredible value for

Not only will you receive top-notch guidance to improve your watercolor painting skills, but you will enjoy luxury accommodation, curated excursions, and immersive cultural experiences along the most iconic rivers in the world. The convenience and comfort of having everything organized for you makes this worth every cent.

cruise, paint, and explore Your Watercolor Workshop Awaits

Allow us to paint a picture of the enriching experience that awaits you. Imagine waking up to the gentle sway of the water, surrounded by some of the most beautiful, historic towns in the South of France. Each day brings new opportunities for artistic exploration as you join a small community of like-minded artists for intimate painting sessions, capturing the beauty of historic capitals and charming riverfront towns. But it’s not just about the art – it’s about the connections you’ll forge with fellow travelers who share your passion for creativity and adventure.

Joining this watercolor workshop isn’t just about developing your watercolor skills – it’s about immersing yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who celebrate art, culture, and collaboration. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, our workshops offer expert instruction and personalized guidance to help you grow as an artist and unleash your creativity. But it’s not just about the workshops – it’s about the friendships you’ll form, the memories you’ll create, and the sense of belonging you’ll experience as part of our artistic community at home and abroad.

So why should you book this watercolor workshop river cruise with us? Because it’s more than just a vacation – it’s a transformative journey that will inspire and rejuvenate you in ways you never thought possible. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Rhine River to the expert instruction of our renowned artists, every moment is designed to improve your skills and nourish your creativity.



Paint By Destination's highly organized watercolor workshop cruises are the perfect blend of instruction, painting, and leisure time to enjoy the destination in good company.

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